• Welcome to Universal Essence!

    I am here to bring you FreewayCER Meridian Eenergy Therapy, a brilliant energy healing modality that will quite literally transform your life!

    Whether you want to receive it or take a training course to become a Practitioner, I can help.

    Miia Polso
  • FreewayCER Holistic Energy Meridian Therapy System

    Our bodies rely on energy to operate throughout our everyday lives. This energy flows around us via a network of energy pathways which are known as 'meridians'. A disruption of our meridian system can cause us to experience physical, mental and emotional upset, or in everyday terms, to feel unwell.

  • Become a FreewayCER Practitioner...

    You can attend a day course that will teach you how to heal yourself or you can become a practitioner by taking our course and submiting some case studies, simple, effective, and so amazing! You can also request corporate motivational days, stress relief and managing the workload

  • How do you want to feel today?

    'Miracles take minutes, impossibilities a little longer'. I hope you get in contact and find out for yourself!

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